Azulete Gaucin

Azulete Gaucin

Private commission for Azulete Gaucin 

This drawing was commissioned by the new owners of the coveted Azulete restaurant. The view from the restaurant is breathtaking, overlooking the rolling hills and picturesque countryside. It's no wonder that Azulete has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. The new owners are committed to using fresh, local ingredients and supporting local farmers in addition to a carefully curated selection of natural and biodynamic wines to complement. If you find yourself in Gaucin, a visit to Azulete is a must. 

The drawing not only showcases the restaurant, but also highlights the charm and character of the surrounding village. The main feature was to include the iconic fountain "de los 6 Canos" built in 1628 as well as play homage to the whitewashed walls so often found in the Andalucian countryside. This drawing serves as a wonderful reminder of the joy and vibrancy that can be found in even the smallest of places. The balance of the white and the shock of the bright blue skies of Gaucin creates a perfect composition. 


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