La Revista Cover - Summer 2020

La Revista Cover - Summer 2020


Growing up in Sotogrande gives us great memories of extraordinary settings: familiar places that are with us even when we are far from home. This feeling of nostalgia inspired Scarlet Alexandra to create Through digital art, she has rediscovered Sotogrande for us, and we can have our favourite places depicted on our walls at home.

Scarlet was born and bred in Sotogrande, and like most of her generation, had to
move away to develop her professional career. She always loved classic travel
posters designed by airlines, but had never seen any of where she lived:
Sotogrande. After leaving a job in the Middle East last year she gifted herself a
digital sketchpad and a subscription to Adobe Illustrator where she began the
adventure of creating works of art that have revolutionized the resort over recent

“I moved to London almost as soon as lockdown hit, after some tutorials on
YouTube, and being stuck at home without work or anything to do, I just kept
drawing. It was easy for me to draw places that I know such as the classic scenes in Sotogrande, and adding an element of nostalgia that came from my own emotions and memories” explains the artist.

What began as an escape valve, was soon transformed into a job. Under th name, this young woman has become a standard bearer for Sotogrande, with a collection of extraordinary prints. “I wanted people to have a little piece of Sotogrande all year, wherever they were. The response has been incredible. So much so, that I decided to make the prints limited edition to just 100 pieces for each artwork; in Sotogrande we all know one another and I didn’t want every home to end up having the same print” states Scarlet.

In addition to their artistic beauty, these works are a nod to the environment.
Thus, all the posters are printed on inkjet paper of sustainable origin through a
100% carbon neutral printing studio. The Hahnemühle bamboo paper is made
from 90% bamboo fibre and 10% cotton, combining art with respect for the

Polo, the Marina, Chambao, and Sotogrande beach are just some of the settings
depicted by this artist in her collection of prints. They are truly works of art of
unique places in this particular southern paradise.

Scarlet is also open to private commissions and can be contacted at

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